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  • 29-08-2023
  • VIN: KNDPB3AC2G7818852
  • Lot ID: 60425673

Final Bid: $2950

Seller : Not Specified

Vehicle Details
  • Year: 2016
  • Odometer: 149342 miles (ACTUAL)
  • Drive Type: Front-wheel Drive
  • Transmission: AUTOMATIC
  • Engine: 2.4L 4
  • Fuel: GAS
  • Color: SILVER
Vehicle Condition
  • Condition: RUNS AND DRIVES
  • Damage: REAR END
  • Certificate : CERTIFICATE OF TITLE
  • Keys: Yes
  • Estimated Retail Value: 20850$
  • Estimated repair Cost: 0$

Salvage Kia Sportage l (VIN: KNDPB3AC2G7818852) bid history and auction details

Information related to Kia Sportage l (VIN: KNDPB3AC2G7818852) that was sold on salvage cars auction will give you some useful information for different purposes.

At first hand, knowing last bid amount and technical characteristics at the moment of the selling Kia Sportage l (VIN: KNDPB3AC2G7818852) on the auction will save you from getting cheated and manipulating information about this vehicle.

The second point is to get clear understanding via making comparisons of this car with other similar vehicles. Here you can get actual photos of the vehicle before selling and take a look at actual car damages that were caused by the accident.

Another useful case is that you can check if this car was sold or tried to be sold more than once and compare its condition looking at previous lot information like price and technical condition - was it changed or not.

Also if you are interested in Kia Sportage l on the secondary market you will see if there was any manipulation with the odometer, check how it was restored from the initial condition etc.

And finally, all other cars at related to this lot 60425673 can be checked and you can define your bidding strategy via looking at the scheduled salvage cars lots.

So, be sure you’ve checked all of these lot details before making decisions:

  • Lot vin: KNDPB3AC2G7818852
  • Color: SILVER
  • Odometer: 149342
  • Manufacturing year: 2016
  • Vehicle damage: REAR END
  • Engine params: GAS 2.4L 4
  • Transmission: AUTOMATIC

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